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Last Saturday, I was part of an outdoor party with a major pharmaceutical company. The carnival like atmosphere likely had to do with the fact that they literally had a carnival theme at their employee party!

Entertaining with my party caricatures for company events has become even more popular. Below are several photos of what the employees got to experience. You can see the fun and laughter in these pictures!

This company posted a sign about caricatures at my tent, and used a random caricature the found on the internet. This poster caricature is cute, though it is not my art work.

Also, here are some lovely comments from my client and others,

Magen commented on my Gigmasters feedback,
“Angie has an amazing talent! She was wonderful at our company picnic event. Everyone was so pleased with her drawings. It would be great to work with her again in the future.”

Hi Magen,

I don’t know where you found her, but the caricature artist was well worth the wait in line! We thought it was so cool to have this done for our family J


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