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This client enjoyed collecting caricatures and I recognized the work of many artists hung throughout his house. It’s nice to see a client appreciate the different styles of many!

Too bad my one photo (bottom) is blurry, but if you can see this, I have him with his dog in his huge hand! He and his guests really had a laugh over his request to be drawn with his tiny dog!

I love a challenge and many of these requested themes were a challenge, but this helps me develop my skills for fast bodies and quick thinking.

2 responses to “Caricatures Bodies-Color-Fast!”

  1. Gon says:

    Good live work you have there Angie!
    What kind of materials, and trademarks you use for coloring your live caricatures?

  2. Angie says:

    Hi Gon!

    I use a mix of markers (Sanford Calligraphy, Pitt Pen, Black Chartpak, Black Copic and the Dixonettes). Sometimes I use the Duo Streadtler marker and Y&C. I haven’t found that ultimate pen yet, and all of these markers have their use for certain features. For color I use Art Stix.
    Paper is 110lb Springhill Index, cut 11×14.