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Caricature artists are hired for many reasons. I am told by my clients that my fun cartoon style is what keeps clients bringing me back year after year to entertain at their parties.

I’ve even been told that some of my party caricatures look like something from an animated Saturday morning cartoon!

Those types of compliments are the ones that mean so much to me. And yesterday was one of those moments!

One year after being invited to entertain and draw at Kaleb’s first birthday last year, I was invited back to be part of his SECOND birthday party yesterday in the Philadelphia area.

Kaleb’s mother sure knows how to throw a great party. So many relatives and friends gathered together to celebrate Kaleb’s birthday and she even brought in the Easter bunny and chicken characters to do a dance and visit.

I sat in the corner entertaining everyone and causing laughter with my Live Cartoon character designs. I love to push the creative direction with my cartoon style by creating cartoons with full bodies instead of just a floating head.

Below are just a few photos to see my fun and fast FULL body style!

Looking to have a FUN artist come to draw FUN cartoons at your birthday party? Call 570-449-2855 or email Angie to check her availability at

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