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Here is what I believe to be the last batch of cartoons that I was commissioned to design for the Canadian Lacombe Police.

Out of the last 5, I had 3 fun vehicles to create into a fun cartoon style. I have more experience with cartooning pets and people and certain objects like houses and buildings, although I never really designed many cars into exaggerated cartoons, yet I found this to be an enjoyable challenge. My favorite two out of this batch is the Dare vehicle with their dog sticking out the back window and the officer with the pepper spray.

The chief and his team were very patient with my very busy schedule throughout 2010, as I valued my time to create all 20 cartoons for their police division. I look forward to seeing their hallway filled with my framed cartoons, the collective cards that the Lacombe police hand out and coloring books they will put together with all 20 of my cartoon character designs.
A big thanks to Nicole and Leslie! It was a pleasure working with you both!

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