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These past few weeks has brought in more digital events all around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Boston and Chicago. I had worked with very fun and creative artists as well as fun company events, trade shows and conferences.

If you and/or your company are planning an event and you want to bring a talented, live digital caricature artist to entertain with a show, draw and print each person and receive the cartoon digital files to use as a fun avatar for many of the social networks, please contact us (above, under contact) and tell us about your event (location, date, times) We will find an available and closest artist for your event.
Call us at  (215) 259-8842. Ask for Angie or Scott, pioneer and founder of Live Digital Caricatures.

I, Angie Jordan, wrote the book teaching live digital caricatures and iPad caricatures, and we,, came to know the artists who are experienced and trained professionally to entertain with live digital caricatures for your event.

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