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My birthday happened to fall on a Saturday this year and I usually have weekend bookings with my caricature entertainment, but that’s perfectly OK! Since I really love drawing caricatures and cartoons, my day turned out to be a GREAT day with 2 fun company picnics!

My first event was at my favorite picnic and for the second year in a row with my good art friend, Zach Manbeck, and his wonderful mother, Pati! August 7th happens to be Pati’s birthday, too, so we were both working on our birthdays. lol!

Earlier, before the picnic, I drew a fun caricature of Zach with my Copic markers and I surprised him with it. He added it to his Angie collection. Zach must have about 7 to 10 drawings from me so far. I’m really flattered that he enjoys my art work.

I was hoping Zach would set up his easel to draw next to me, but instead he was my side partner in taking some of my photos of the picnic guests. Thank you Zach.

And afterwards, Pati made sure I took some of the great picnic food with me on the road to my next event in Maryland. Thank you so much Pati! You are truly a wonderful and giving person. Happy Birthday to you, too!

Only a few photos to share for now…..

2 responses to “Born to DRAW!”

  1. zax says:

    absolutely amazing time! We want to have you back for every picnic we have! You truly do make it the high lite…everyone looks forward to it, but I think I look forward to it the most ^^ thanks again angie; im sure my mom would comment right now, but she’s away for training…but I know she’d thank you deeply for the very nice complements. These truly are works of art! Your style makes everyone here outrageous happy :DDD anyone that is looking for entertainment, that is truly priceless should come your way! hope to see you so much more! Keep in touch ;D

  2. zax says:

    ACTUALLY 🙂 I counted, I have 14 drawings from you ^^ haha