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I tried a whole new set-up at this event. I spent much time mixing, creating and stewing my own colors (along with a touch of Angie’s ancient-chinese-secret ingredient) throughout last week and wanted to try them out at this event. (Thanks Jan) I succeeded and I will be using these colors from now on (much easier use than the art stix).

Also, I used a different table/easel, in which I would not bring this to every event, but possibly a few in my future, since it does not fold into my carrying case. It does, however, fit in back my car perfectly and rolls on wheels. I do prefer this table over any of my other easels, because of the perfect height and table access for my art supplies, so you just might see me rolling it into an event in my future, especially for outdoor events.:)

Awe… rollerskating! I used to be such a big skating buff, so I was itching to throw down my markers and put on some skates and take off to the floor. In my younger years, my father or mother would drop off my 3 brothers and I to skate every week, so as I continued to go to the big ring every week, I use to love trying all sorts of skating stunts, (jumps, jumps with turns, along with skating backwards). When you have 3 brothers very close in age, you either learn to be a stunt person or you will be thrown into it eventually.:)

During this event, one guy working the floor entered the party room to watch my drawing performance, and announced to everyone that he remembered me from 10+ years ago when I use to skate all the time. I was surprised to see him at same job and location, after all these years, and that he even remembered me. He informed me that many of my cousins attend with their kids today.

This was a really nice and easy going party! Thanks Cheyenne and Chey’s mom! 🙂

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