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Last night I put my Big Bang theory cast of cartoon characters together to create a group cartoon. For now, my coloring style is simple, though I may take more steps, if time allots on my schedule, to color my characters with color values.

The definition of the word cartoon is to make a drawing of (someone) in a simplified or exaggerated way. As you can see, color media has nothing to do with labeling the difference of what is a cartoon or a caricature, it’s the style…and the key word, “simplified.”

The hardest part of a cartoon design is to think of the smallest amount of lines, placed at the right angles and geometric shapes, that will create any person into a cartoon likeness. This takes years of drawing and studying art and design.

I always laugh when I hear that old joke…
A guy came up to an old experienced and professional artist and asked him to draw him. He completed a drawing of the guy with only 4 lines. The guy asked the artist, “This is GREAT! How much?” The artist said $5000 dollars. The guy said to artist, “$5000!!? But you only drew 4 lines!” The artist’s replied with, “Yes, but it took me many life years of training and experience to know exactly where to place those 4 lines.”

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