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I finally had a chance to return to my character design with the Big Bang gang, before facing much business that lies ahead of me!

For my own personal fun, I took the time to study each character; the way each character stands and interacts, the personality of each character, the main expression of each character, and each character’s attire. I pencil sketched each body position, scanned and digitally colored each character using Photoshop.

There are many times I have only used my Corel Painter program to rough out my character sketches, but this time I decided to doodle on traditional paper, then scan into Photoshop. Which is easier? Neither, both require the same amount of work and both need to be cleaned up with smoother, tighter lineart and color. 🙂

I believe I enjoy character design the most when it comes to art. I’m looking forward to creating a group caricature of all five, so stay in touch!

The Big Bang Theory cast in my cartoon character style:

Sheldon Cooper – Jim Parsons

Leonard Hofstadter – Johnny Galecki

Penny – Kaley Cuoco

Howard Wolowitz – Simon Helberg

Raj Koothrappali – Kunal Nayyar

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