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Last night was Anthony’s graduation party and I never felt so welcomed to a home in all my years of drawing and entertaining at residential parties.

I was greeted by my car with 3 individuals to help me bring my equipment to the back of their patio in the shade.

Once I set up and I was ready to go, I had a family crowd around me watching and cheering me as I drew each person or couple into my fun cartoon likeness. The graduation person, Anthony, told me he was a rapper, so I designed a fun rapping theme for him right there, on the spot. His reaction was terrific! He LOVED it!

I was asked by the hostess if I wanted food, drinks and/or break, but I prefer to keep on trucking along with my drawings, since many were eagerly waiting to have a cartoon of themselves.

When finished, everyone applauded and thanked me and helped me get my equipment back to my car.

That was the “FUNNEST” party I had done in years! Thank you sooooo much Luz!

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