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This past Wednesday, right down the street from the White House, a Washington DC company partied in exactly the same way that the current political party doesn’t. Follow that?

Washington DC Flashback

Before I entertained with my Live Digital Caricatures, a few years ago, my husband and I were hired to entertain for a foreign country’s Embassy party in Washington. It was a little weird knowing that when we walked through their doors we were no longer on American soil, but in their country (Australia) despite being able to see Washington right outside the window.

One thing that stuck out about that night was the wicked bad snowstorm we had that night.

Entertaining days ago, on Groundhog Day, made this trip back to Washington quite ironic what with the historic snowstorm that hit thousands of miles of the eastern half of our country.

Digital Caricatures Energize the Party

Fortunately, I left early enough to miss the ice storm in Pennsylvania and enjoyed our nation’s capitol for the afternoon before setting up for an evening of digital entertainment.

The energy, excitement, and enthusiasm the employees of this company had simply amplified throughout the restaurant they had rented out for the night.

In fact, after those who were drawn started showing off their digital caricatures to their friends, more and more gathered around to watch on the flat panel screen as their coworkers were drawn into cartoons.

Just hearing the roaring laughter of so many trying to “one up” each other with their wild caricatures was amazing!

Proof in the (Digital) Pudding

This event was booked through Gigmasters, a site that gives clients the ability to ‘rate’ and leave feedback (good or bad) about their entertainment.

You can find me at the top of the Philadelphia caricature list on their site (with the most reviews and all of them 5 stars):

Here’s an excerpt of Sarah’s comments:

Thank you again for taking on our Happy hour! I’m very popular right now at the office and you even more so! The Caricatures were a smashing hit and everyone’s looking forward to the electronic copies of their photos.

I also just submitted a review [on Gigmasters]. I only hope my enthusiasm and utter delight with your work came through! Love spreading the word on a job done (amazingly!) well.

Enjoy the pictures!

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