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Tonight was the last successful night to take your photo with Santa and receive a FREE fun cartoon.

The dogs and owners were lining up and I was drawing and coloring each pet or groups of pets that had their photo taken with Santa.
Sometimes there were 4 or 5 pets in the same drawing and that is how the photo was taken with Santa (in a group) before they came to me for a cartoon. A few customers had to wait quite a while for their turn for a pet cartoon, while the dogs were barking and interacting with each other.
One young lady, with her dog, had told me that she was told to get her pet’s photo taken and that’s it’s worth the wait to have a cartoon drawn by me. Thanks!

Here are a few dogs, cats and a bunny rabbit! My favorites tonight was the group of 4 dogs (2 chuauas, dober pincher and lab mix), along with the cat and bunny. I think they could make a cute christmas card out of my drawing!

The one Chuaua on left kept barking! lol!
Holiday Pet Caricature by Angie Jordan

Bunny ears got in the way of the one photo so I combined 2 photos together.
Cartoon Cat and Bunny by Angie Jordan

and more pet cartoons…

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