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I returned from a long week in St. Petersburg, Florida at our ISCA caricature convention with a 3rd place award for Best Likeness!

With over 170 artist competing and only a few awards to hand out, it becomes an honor to be able to take “ONE” award home. Some artists are clever enough to create a comical gimmick that wins more than one award, and one talented artist takes home the Golden Nosey.

I am very please that the Golden Nosey artist, (Kosuke Miyagi) created all his work in digital style! In the past, digital was frowned upon and considered cheating. Now that more artist are diving into the digital market, many are finding out that how you draw on paper, is how you will draw within a computer software, AFTER you have learned the software.

Many thanks to all who supported me and attended my seminar. It was great spending time with old friends and making new ones (psst… my now good friend, Greg McCullough, a talented Disney artist).

Below is the art I created by staying up many hours with lack of food, water and sleep! Also, my printer broke at convention and the only prints I was able to find were in poor quality! Oh well, at least I made a few artist’s happy with a fun gift to take home!

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