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2014 Auto Expo in India

Wow! I traveled the world, internationally, to the other side to entertain my Live Digital Caricatures at the 2014 Auto Expo held in Delhi, India. My flight was a total of 18 hours with a stop in Abu Dhabi. It’s hard to believe I crossed the Atlantic passing London and Russia to experience another world around the globe. How exciting!

When I arrived, I had a driver assigned to me to take me to my hotel. The driving in India is a bit chaotic and if you plan on visiting you will definitely need to hire a driver, which can be quite reasonable.

Fortunately, I was able to rest from my plane flight and enjoy venturing out to see the Indian market and eat the wonderful and delicious Indian food, before drawing my fun digital caricatures at the 7 day conference.

I found that many dogs are free and roaming and they will walk up to you with much discipline, autos (3 wheel cars) are everywhere, along with bicycles, tractors and well, you name the transportation, India most likely has it! Even cows have the right of “high”way in this country. lol!

Three Wheel Autos
Autos in India

Cow crossing highway
Cow Highway in India

Dog greeting me at airport

We had a full day to set up at our booth and be able to make sure all equipment was running smoothly!
Live digital Caricature Set up
Digital Caricatures drawn live at Auto Expo
My style really brought many of the attendees to my client’s booth with drawing a variety of adults, kids, and teenagers, all giving me the thumbs up and very pleased and excited to be able to take a cartoon home with them. I had many stop to take a photo of me, as well. Take a look at the way I capture personality with my live digital caricatures!

While I was busy drawing for hours each day, our client brought in other exciting entertainment, one being a 3 girl team of cello players from London, called “Blayz.”

And very talented iPad Magicians, branding the client’s product with their amazing magic talent, Sebastian and Franc, from Paris!
iPad Magicians from Paris

Plus, a VERY beautiful and talented Indian speaker, named “Khushboo.”
Indian speaker Khushbook

Below is a group photo of all of us and I would love to give a big special thanks to Raj, Krina, and Baskaar for helping us feel safe and secure in a new country, such as India.
Group of entertainers in India

Below are more exciting photos I wish to share of my experience in India!

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