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I’m so excited tonight! I’ve been working on my OWN website design for months now, plus learning html, codes, etc and I finally uploaded my first phase, all created by me…(with my husband’s “coaching” help) .
Plus, the fact that I was lucky enough to purchase my own domain name years ago! Yay!
Also, I’ve been working on many cartoons, including my comic. These pages, hopefully, will come alive as the days/weeks go by, and as I work around my busy schedule!
Stay “Tooned!”

Type in, or click on “My Secret Website” on right side.

5 responses to “AT LAST! My Secret Website is Here!!!!!!!”

  1. Pag says:

    wow!! The design is superb! Now all you need to do is add some content 😉

  2. Pag says:

    You should have a link back to the main site…or perhaps not? It all depends on whether you want the minions seeing your pic again.

    Pag be Praised

  3. Angie says:

    Thanks Pag!
    I just started web design and Scott and I noticed, afterwards, that I need a link back to home page and we will do this.
    I’m a beginner on designing websites, but I will learn from my mistakes!
    Glad you enjoy it so far!

  4. Pag says:

    Glad to see the addition to the site. Is that one of the fonts I sent you? Or something from the pits of your crappy job??

    Love from Pag

  5. Angie says:

    Yup! That’d be the fonts you handed my way! Thank you PAG!