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A brunette me!

I was doing research for Silver’s class and I came across this photo of a girl, who really caught my eye! She looked so much like me in my younger years, but with darker features. I wish I had more of a straight on shot of my younger face to show, but this photo (at 24 yrs old) was all I could find to come close enough. I could not believe how this girl resembled me during my years at her age (late teens/20’s).

Also, I find it uncanny that her one eye squints more than other, when she smiles, which my son makes fun about ME, when I do this in MY photos.

Her nose is exact…even the face structure and chin, lighter big eyes, dark arched eyebrows. Wow! I wonder if she is my long lost sister! 🙂

UPDATE: I found contact and name to the photo (Megan). I emailed her and she was delighted to hear from me, along with saying our similarities are quite eerie.

As we conversed back and forth, we found that both of our mothers have a dose of Welsh and English in our blood. Our differences are with the father’s side, she is Hispanic and I am Italian/Lithuanian.

This stuff fascinates me and even when I draw live, I like to think about the nationality of the person I am drawing! Sometimes I guess on their nationality, and at times I am right on, but other times I like to question the person, so I can learn and study their anatomy features.

2 responses to “Another …younger me?”

  1. says:

    WOW! BEFORE I read this.. I thought they were BOTH YOU!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!! I call these types of things.. “God Copies”… heh.

    Hope all is well!
    Mariaaaaaaaaa ;O)

  2. Angie says:

    Hey Maria!

    I found her email and contacted her and she said our similarities are/were eerie!

    Even though there were differences, I found that what we had in common was a dose of the Welsh and English blood, which is on my mother’s side and her mother’s, as well.
    isn’t it?though!