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I actually had owners wanted to be drawn with their pet(s) this time, which is fine by me, since I love to draw people and pets (anything really!)into cartoons! This was Friday evening, so I’m late on my posting. (had a VERY busy weekend)

I had to do a blow up of the ferret in drawing above, since you could hardly see him in the full pose photo. I LOVE ferrets and was thrilled to have my first “LIVE” fuzzy pose for me. Petco let me hold a few of the ferrets in store. I was tempted to take one home. It was a tough call, but I left him there to play with his playmates!

This is like the 5th or 6th time I’ve had a person say my style is very “Disney,” which is by far a great compliment! Thank YOU!

One response to “ANOTHER Petco Night!”

  1. Gon says:

    That´s ok Ange, I know what is like having no time left for catching up, lots of caricawoks!

    Love those dog caricatures, some poodles are amazing and very funny!