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Before my long trip to the caricature convention held in florida, I attended the Jordan Brothers party (my father’s band), held at the Pottsville club. Tickets were sold out EARLY for this event and even I (daughter of the drummer) was on the waiting!

Over 200 people attended, crammed into a hot room to watch my Uncle Joe and Uncle Frank interact with the audience, tell their successful stories, along with jokes, and most importantly perform 3 songs; “Send Me Your Picture,” “Heart,” and “Gimme Some Lovin.”

During the party, each Jordan Brother (Lew, Bob, Frank and Joe) were honored with a plaque with the Schuylkill county of the Arts. I was asked to come up and receive my father’s award and say a little something about him and the band. I was very unprepared, though I managed a small speech at the last minute.

Starting at 5pm and ending at 9pm, the 4 hours went by so quickly and I learned much more about my father’s band than I ever had known before. It was a great feeling. Funny how my father entertained with music (art) and I entertain with my caricatures (also art).
I love and miss you dad!

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