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Angie’s what? Yes, Angie’s Phalanges! As my fingers deftly swing the digital stylus pen over my Wacom Cintiq screen creating caricatures, the recorder rolls, capturing the magic being drawn on the screen. These recordings are a small part of the bonus material included in my book on how to perform Live Digital Caricatures.

As my fanpage on Facebook nears 600 fans, I am frequently asked by other artists about using Corel Painter and performing Live Digital Caricatures. The book was part of an answer to that question.

These videos are the other answer. These are just the first, and I hope to hear from you what you would like to be included in future episodes. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, just click the link below the video to download it!

Angie’s Phalanges Podcast: Episode 1

Angie’s Phalanges Podcast: Episode 2

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