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Over a year ago, I received a call from a person looking for a kid-friendly cartoon artist who would fit in perfect to work on a storybook stage performance with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO). It was an honor to not only have been chosen for this fun and exciting stage-art performance, but to work along side Rheda Becker, the narrator, and the whole Baltimore Orchestra. In addition, I worked behind the scenes with several other special people, (Hana, Carol and Ann), who helped bring this whole project together.

My job was to create a large mural for each scene from “The Story of Babar,” that would fit the music piece and timing played by the BSO. I carefully read the book, listened to the original score and created my own Babar story images. Later, I projected each image onto large drawing paper and colored each using soft pastels and afterwards coating each with a fixative.

During the showtime, I drew and colored during the music that was played, I flowed along with the music beat and choreographed my timing with each scene. (Those twenty-some years of dance, gymnastics, choreographing and theatre sure came in handy with this My stage helpers (Ennis and Troy) flipped each mural page over the board so I would be ready to draw for each scene and piece that was played by the orchestra.

What I loved most about this production was that the music sounded like the jungle: elephants playing, laughing talking, walking, shouting, etc. Birds chirping, flying and more. Francis Poulenc’s original score of this story was ingenious!

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to a special person who helped me throughout the months of hard work that was put into this large project and stage presentation. Thank you Hana!

After my 5 show performances, it was wonderful to hear that the BSO would like to have me return for another show in the near future. Thank you!!!!Thank you!!!!!

Here are a few copyrighted outlines of my own Babar story creation I’d like to share.

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