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Once a year, the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA) holds a conference where the best artists from around the world gather to draw, compete, and learn at in-depth lectures. This year’s conference was held last week in St. Pete, Florida.

Imagine the energy bursting in a room filled with the best creative minds in this field. Well, its even more intense that that! And for many, it was a ’round the clock experience as artists drew throughout the night, each night!

In addition to drawing alongside such talented minds, I also had the honor of being asked to give a talk about my experiences as the world’s first iPad caricature artist and to teach this international group my techniques in drawing on the tablet computer at live events.

I discussed my favorite iPad drawing app, ArtStudio, as well as many time saving tips I’ve learned from drawing in the trenches!

Angie and Scott giving lecture on drawing caricatures on the iPad

Last week was full of sun, fun and many artist friends whom I see but once a year. We get together to not only catch up with our stories and livelihood, but to draw, create, and learn so much about live caricatures, studio caricatures, and digital caricatures.

Here is my wall of art and fun!

Thanks for the opportunity, ISCA!

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