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I have much on my plate lately and lots of drawings in the works.
I recently took a break from my own personal art work and ideas to design another gift caricature order.

This time it was a gift for the bride and groom, a cartoon image design to be printed and used as a “Caricature Signature Board.” This cartoon will be displayed at the reception for many guests to write down their thoughts, wishes and cares to the happy couple.

This same image can be use for many wedding favors, like prints on champagne glasses, matches, cake image,t-shirts, mouse pads, thank you cards, etc.

After I finish my client’s design, I email it to them for their review for minor changes (if any).
Here was my reply from my client.

Hi Angie!

It is hysterical! No changes needed and thank you very much!

I love it!


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