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Since Scott has proven to be an accomplished graphic designer on our past designs and some other artists’ websites and advertising, I had him design my Party Pop panel, update my video (also designed by Scott) and rewrite my bio on their site.

We created this new panel to match the video he produced to create a congruent style with my advertising and promotional material.

Scott also wrote an in-depth article on this very concept. He goes into great detail about making sure you are consistent with your promo materials and websites (like having instead of

You can read his article at the Digital Blacksmiths site, where I am also a contributor. Read it here.

Let me know what you think of the new design and the article!

2 responses to “Advertising my Live Digital Caricatures at PartyPop”

  1. Kelly Gannon says:

    Love it Angie! Scott did a great job! This should generate a ton of business for you.

  2. Hi,your caricature live act very funny,I love it!