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Days of drawing and I finally have a little break to post about last week’s digital event at Virginia Beach.

Since I tend to be very busy drawing and I do not have a chance to see what’s happening at many of my digital events, I was told my live digital caricatures was a big hit by my client. My fun cartoon style even brought in guests for a closer look and my line started to grow. Take a look at my style in these photos.

Not only did I draw at a convention, I stayed and visited one of my best friends in the Chesapeake area, Mary, who once lived near my hometown and shared many of the same things I did and still do, like triathlons, aerobics, outdoor adventure, healthy eating, music, girl chats and more. We even share the same religious and political views! Talk about a match and by visiting with her and her family sure proved to me how much I miss her.

And….I had a new buddy during my stay. His name is Falcon.

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