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Yesterday, I had 2 events. The first one was Abby’s 1st birthday party and I’m sorry to admit that I failed to take a picture of Abby with her caricature. Maybe I’ll ask her mother to email a photo of her to me.

When drawing a cartoon likeness, I find that drawing infants can be quite a challenge, but this one little guy kept yawning, so I decided to create a fun yawning baby cartoon and to my surprise, the parents ended up raving over it. (2nd photo below)

I even drew my client’s dog from a photo on her iphone and she loved it! We also shared how much we LOVE our iphones!

The weather was a bit damp, but fortunately no rain. The kids enjoyed receiving a caricature as a party favor to take home to hang on their wall. Thanks so much Heather!

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