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My local newspaper, Pottsville Republican, called me last week to do an article about my caricature
business. Thanks Stephanie!
I believe a photo may be present in the paper,(not on-line), so I will check paper and post later.

Update: WOW! FRONT PAGE with article and photo! How NICE!
(I only scanned in photo for blog! Thanks Jackie!)
I was asked to pose next to my cartoon and smile similar, so here are the results.
Now I wish I would have opened my smiling “teeth” cartoon file, instead. 🙂

Scott was actually in this photo to the left of his caricature and he was asked to pose, as well, but I guess they decided to edit him out. At least you can see his cartoon, though.



2 responses to “A WRITE up about my Caricatures in local newspaper.”

  1. Kelly Gannon says:

    Congrats on the article Angie…a definate keepsake! Funny thing is….my first “live” caricature job was the evening of 911.

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Kelly! I appreciate the comments! Re: 911, being so close, pretty much all events cancelled that week, here.

    Scott always told me that people tend to want entertainment more during times of war, depression or sad times (to forget real life for few minutes or hours). That’s why my caricature gigs picked right back up again in a week or so after 911.