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As I tried to get away from the winter blues from my Pennsylvania home, I seemed to bring the cold front to Orlando on my conference trip. When I arrived, the weather was very chilly and since I arrived early on my first day, I made a day trip to see a classmate friend in Ybor city. This city was similar to a smaller New Orleans look and feel. We dived into good sushi (I even tried raw octopus for 1st time), yummy drinks and great chat!

The next day, 1st day of conference with infosys started out a very busy day and the lines never stopped. I had many good and excited faces to show, below, and the attendees were thrilled to have their cartoon created to use as an avatar on the latest social media.

During my conference week, I was very happy to visit an art friend, Glenn, and his wife, to take them out to dinner. Glenn had a very bad accident happen (brain injury), that shocked our art community, and he is aiming for a full recovery. As he walked, talked and ate his first out-to-dinner steak, he filled me in on the tragic incident and remembered every detail. He is happy to still be alive and knowing Glenn, as I do, I believe he will be back in action in about a year!

Following the conference, I went to visit another art friend, Alisa, in the southern part of Florida and enjoyed my time with catching up on loss time and almost taking her adorable dog, McKenzie, home with me. 🙂

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