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Boy! I have MUCH to learn! As anal as I can be with my work, I also need to learn to loosen up! Not that I haven’t been sketchy, but never have I finished a drawing in a sketchy format to show!
Like my newest blog art visitor, Pag….he does a lot of scribbling and can actually create some really neat sketches. (Remember? My eyes are always open!!) I always felt that sketches, especially mine, need to be cleaned up, but I guess, at times, some are better left alone! Strangest thing, but Pag wants me to teach him to clean up and I would like him to teach me to scribble! Ha Ha!
Last night, as my husband popped in the DVD movie, “Intolerable Cruelty”(Great Funny movie, btw, and I love Clooney), I decided to scribble out a Clooney on my Cintiq tablet, AS THE MOVIE WAS PLAYING! I would enjoy playing with this sketch some more, but I (& hub) believe I captured his character in the movie (not so sure about the neck/body yet…will have to watch movie again or clips)! I had fun with scribbling in digital!
If I find the time, maybe I can sketch some more with this Clooney and hand it in at NCN for a studio piece! I failed to do any studio piece, for I’m always WAY too busy working on gift caricatures for clients, and having a…uh-hem real job!

The NCN convention is just around the corner,(This Sunday) so I’m going to keep my eyes open and learn much more this year from EVERYONE!!! This CON will be exciting and I’m really looking forward to this!LOOK OUT, here we come!

2 responses to “A Time to Doodle!”

  1. Pag says:

    It looks like Clooney and that guy from Bewitched.

  2. angie says:

    Yeah, I agree and already thought it looked a bit like the York Guy on Bewitched, too. I believe in order to make it look more like Clooney, I may have to go…’gasp’…”CHEEKY!”