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What’s exciting about having so many artistic friends is that we are typically very artistic in helping each other out. For example, a great friend, Kelly Gannon did some tremendous things for me when he invited me to Canada for a week.

We recorded music, thanks to his brother’s recording studio. He introduced me to a TON of other creative artists from Canada. And we drew. Boy did we draw!

And when I returned home, I wanted to find a way to say thanks and remind him of all the great times he helped to arrange. So what better way to thank an artist than with art! This is a print I made for him and sent. Some are very inside jokes, so if you’re left wondering… just know there’s a Canadian up there who gets it!

Thanks again, Kelly!

2 responses to “A Thank You Comic!”

  1. Wade Collins says:

    I love the Cartoon! Your style of Caricature is spot on. I can’t wait to see more… Any chance you might create a strip?


  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Wade!
    Check back in early 2011 and hopefully I will be starting on my new strip idea.