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I envy Beth, for she is an excellent writer (so is my hubby-envy him too). I posted ONE of her funny short stories, (click on pic to read it) that I illustrated back in 2000. I’m trying to talk her into writing short stories for a book and later publishing it! MAYBE I can twist her arm a bit, but I will be busy writing my own idea, come January! Of course, I’d make the time, if she were willing!!!!
In our crazy high school days, she would help me with my composition and I would help her with her math. Funny how that worked out well for us.
In composition class, we had to write a story on “How to….” Beth wrote about
“How to become a vampire.” The amazing part is I watched her read every vampire book and see every vampire movie out at the time, so she knew that dark side very well! Well…she did try to get me to watch every late night vampire movie, when she’d stay over my house. Sometimes, I snoozed and she would yel at me for it! LOL!
After handed in our story, our teacher wanted to speak to Beth after class and said he could not grade it, until she gave him all her resources. The teacher could not believe she wrote it herself, for it was too good. HA! but I KNEW she did!
Next day she brought all her resource in and she got that well deserved “A!”
What a smartee pants you are BB! tee hee

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  1. Beth B says:

    Thanks for the compliments, but a couple corrections- Not that it’s really relevant after all these years, but anyway…The story was “How to recognize and destroy a vampire” and the teacher wouldn’t grade it not because he wanted sources, because there weren’t any, he didn’t grade it until I’d written the NEXT composition so he could compare the work to make sure my writing was on par with the first paper!
    Talk about pressure!