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Scott and I recently adopted a baby, a baby girl named Zoe! (pronounced Zoh-ee)

We adopted her this week from a shelter and finally picked her last night and brought her home. She is a German Shepperd mix and totally black! AWESOME!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
She was a litter of 5 rescued from Hurricane Hannah in Virginia. Unfortunately, the mother (German Shepperd) was euthanized and pups were taken to shelter in Camp Hill, Pa (near Harrisburg), where the foster parent (rescuer) took care of them.

I thought about adopting more fuzzy ferrets, and I certainly LOVE them to death, but Scott really wanted a dog, and I’m not complaining at all! I immediately went on line to look at the shelter dogs and found Wilbur (they thought she was a boy (5 in litter) and named her & decided not to change it)

I absolutely ADORE Zoe! She is 4 1/2 months old.

This was her on-line shelter photo display! Doesn’t she look like a bat?

Our recent photos of her!
(Also, you can see our new kitchen tile floor- thanks Rob!)

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