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At my second event, I got to work with my hubby, Scott Sullivan, who is a professional magician with over 15 years experience.

We first met in the Poconos when we both were performing for Caesars Palace. A few years into dating, we started out our own business together, called Mugs and Magic, and since then, branched out to many other professional art careers and marketing. Here is Scott’s website

We have been performing at this school for over 6-7 years now. Scott entertains with his famous strolling close-up magic and always has the students around him in “Awe!” I entertained with my cartoon-like style and brought much laughter to the students.

I have to remember that every time I draw at this school, the ratio of girls to boys is 10:1. AND once I begin to draw a request for a group of 3 on a drawing, then all the girls in line seem to team up and ask for the same.

Girls just want to have fun and they did,

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