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Last night I had the chance to work with 2 ole buddies of mine, one of them being a friend who used to work for another agency in Philadelphia. This friend, Lauren, made a move to NY and has now brought my fun caricatures into her new NY agency. And two, I also had the pleasure of working with a great friend and talented magician, Bill Wisch.

Bill and I go way back when we entertained with strolling magic and caricatures for Caesar’s Resorts in the Poconos every week for 6 years straight. Bill Wisch is an extremely talented magician and he is Tony Slydini’s protégé. He travels around the world presenting his magic lectures to groups of professional magicians and continues to perform for many events.

Last night there was so much laughter surrounding me, along with cheering to my fun cartoon style. I had so many guests compliment my work, that I walked away feeling like a celebrity, with a big head and little body. lol!

As much as I hear those compliments, I will always remain humble and continue to improve with my art every chance I get. Here are some fun photos I’d like to share from last night’s exciting event.

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