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At my second event for the evening, I had the pleasure of entertaining along with my husband, Scott, a professional corporate magician (with so much other talent, as well). I entertained with my fun cartoons and Scott strolled through the crow with his close up fun magic to all the guests in the party room.

They had a DJ playing music from my time, 80’s, and I was loving it. They displayed a large screen on stage with all the past photos and memories for the special birthday person.

The guests enjoyed watching me draw and receiving one of my fun cartoons that they kept me for an additional hour so ALL the guests would have a chance to have a cartoon either by themselves, with another or in a group.

I had a little girl watching me and she came up to me towards the end of the party and said, “You have to teach me how you do that!” So cute!

The photographer was going around and taking many photos and took quite a few of Scott and myself. I hope I have a chance to see how she caught the evening party with her photogenic eye.

What a GREAT party! Happy Birthday Mrs. Yingling!

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