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Last weekend, I entertained my Live Digital Caricatures for an outdoor bank opening in the morning and a late night college event called Midnight Madness!

Both events brought in young students eager to see what they would look like in my digital cartoon style. I was thrilled to see a lot of smiling faces that morning and night!

My first event was outdoors and the weather was a tad cold, though it warmed up when closer to noon and sun popped out. Thankfully my client had us protected under a tent and gave us coats to warm us up and the rain held off until later in the afternoon. The outdoor lighting shined off my computer screen making it a little difficult to see the proper color on my screen, that I picked green for a man’s mustache (thought it was brown – oops!). I’m sure he showed his wife questioning why he had green facial hair! 🙂

My second event had me in the warm indoors with lots of room and plenty of light. Being in this comfort sure made me draw much faster and with better color results. No alien colored beards- lol! In 2 hours, I drew 24 heads in full color and wonderful quality! See how the results work in our favor when we are comfortable!
Angie Jordan's fun digital cartoon style!
Digital Cartoon for events1

And look who came along and took advantage of me for another digital cartoon design (hubby, Scott).

Scott Sullivan in my digital cartoon style!

Scott Sullivan in my digital cartoon style!

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