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It was indeed a long ride TO Riders University and long hours drawing fun caricatures AT Riders University!

I teamed up with many artists like John Sprague, Pat Harrington, Emily Anthony, a crew from Aardvark Entertainment, including a new artist from Brooklyn, NY named Joe to draw caricatures for the East Brunswick Project Graduation.

I started out drawing B&W caricatures, and noticed that a few other artists were drawing in color, so I switched to my color artstix AND my wonderful homemade coloring blocks “Learn How To Make My Color Blocks”.

Color takes a little more time, and I’m so glad a few of the graduating students complimented me in saying that the quality of my work was worth their wait! Thanks for the kind words! 😀

I forgot to take a video shot, (darn) but managed to take a few pics at this event!

Stay tooned for I have a surprise post for my next event coming up this weekend!

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