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I took a little break from working so hard with my studio caricatures and events to take a bus (bringing my son, JT) into the city of Manhattan to see a play called, “A Little Night Music,” starring Catherine Zeta Jones and the legendary, Angela Lansbury.

After touring 2 museums, walking through central park and riding the subway, we ate dinner and headed to the Walter Kerr Theatre for our show. It was a small theatre and we had orchestra seats right in the center.

I knew nothing about this play and kept it that way for my own surprise and I’m glad I did this. What an outstanding, witty comedy and charming story! I absolutely LOVED it! Watching these stars in action, and being so close, was quite thrilling!

After the show, we noticed a crowd waiting with their playbills and pens for autographs, which caused JT and I to stick around for the action. We were fortunate to not only SEE, but take photos and receive Catherine’s autograph. And saddened to find out that Mrs Lansbury usually does not show her face to the public.

Here are website photos of this play:

Here are MY photos I was able to take outside the Walter Kerr theatre.

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