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A lovely couple was celebrating their 50 years together in a small room at the Bridgewater Manor in New Jersey for their 50th anniversary. Front and center was a professional piano player playing lovely dinner music to all the guests, and to the right, I was proud to entertain and draw professional cartoons in color, for all the guests.

My client wasn’t sure if his family guests would all want a cartoon and to his surprise, they were thrilled with the idea.
The evening turned out to be filled with excitement for all the guests by not only receiving a cartoon, but by watching me draw the guests and their personality into my fun creative cartoon style.

I started with black and white caricatures, until I drew my client and switched to color upon his request. Near the end I colored all the black and white drawings that I drew at the start of the event.

2 responses to “A Golden Evening!”

  1. Great style- i like thes live caricatures!

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Scott!