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Downtown Lancaster never looked so beautiful with the Christmas lights lighting up the street. My husband’s high school years was spent in much of this town and a magic friend owns a magic shop, called Ziggy’s Magic Shop right across the street from where I had an event to draw caricatures last night.

Scott and I first ate at a Pop’s shop and had great Korean food. He later helped me upstairs in Gustos restaurant to carry my custom art case up a flight of stairs to where the private company party was being held.

I worked with Becky, another artist, who drew all the employees caricature’s on a wall mural in the next room.
She did an excellent job, even when we had little light in each room to see our drawing subjects.

I entertained with my funny caricatures, as usual. I had a few of the ladies ask me if I could “be kind.” Of course, I tend to turn on my Disney-like mind-set for those few who are afraid to have there caricature drawn. The guys, however, were enjoying my comic drawings and laughter and I had them lining up to be part of the fun.

Here are a few brave souls! 🙂

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