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Today, I was hired for a family event held indoors at a wrestling gym at a college in NJ. Yes, a gym that is covered with wrestling matts wall to wall.

While the kids tumbled and played on the wrestling matts, the parents pulled one child in at a time to enjoy a FUN, full color themed caricature with 2 fun professional caricature artists, myself and Michael Graessle. After the children were finished, it was the teens turn, then the adults followed up last.

Our client happened to be a person who collected caricatures and cartoons. As you can imagine, I was honored to be one artist who was added into his fun collection. Thank you!

I only had time for a couple of photos.

3 responses to “A Family Wrestling with Caricatures!”

  1. Laf says:

    The wrestling coach and Danny are the ones I prefer and the the stick body of the girl is so funny.

  2. Hi Angie
    Love your work and would keep an eye on your blog most days
    I’m just starting out with colour and would be really interested in what medium you use for your live work


  3. Angie says:

    Laf, those would be my favorite, too. I felt like I had to rush through some of themes to make sure the family gets everyone drawn. A always, haste makes waste! An extra few minutes would have given me better composition and funnier likeness. Thanks

    Michael, thanks for the compliments. I start out with a light pencil rough draft with all my live work, then use 3 differents markers, the Tria XB, a Markette and black Chartpak for thicker lines. I mostly use the markettes.

    I color using artstix from prismacolor. You need to break the sticks in half and use a foam pad behind the paper for smoothness, when you use the side of the artstix.
    I also made a batch of square crayon type colors. You can find this on my blog by doing a search for “coloring method.” Thanks again for visiting and commenting on my blog.