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For the past 3 nights, I enjoyed my evenings entertaining the Comcast Holiday Party with FUN strolling caricatures. In addition to many nights of caricature drawings, I was able to work with a few other artists.

Roger Hurtado, an award winning artist from Chicago, joined me for the first 2 nights and John Sprague, a fun and zany cartoon artist from Philly, joined me on the last night of the event.

In the lobby on the first floor, many people came off the streets to watch the shows on the oversized panel on the wall. You can see in one of my photos of the guys dancing and coffee flying by above them.

On the 43rd and 44th floor, the view through the large glass windows of Philadelphia were breath taking. Since I was strolling, I only had time for a small amount of clicks to my camera, although, I had others take photos of me with Roger and then John with the glass and towers that face the Comcast building.

This was an unforgettable FUN 3 day event!

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