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I forgot how lovely and lively it is in the town of New Hope, Pa, during the weekend. It was bustling like State College or South Street in Philly. There were so many people, cute shops and restaurants. Add to that the river running along the edge of town and you have quite a recipe for a thriving and creative atmosphere of hip, fun-seeking people.

My client had a theme similar to the Lord of the Rings with ferns and natural decorations.
I designed a border with ferns for my drawing paper, along with a fun cartoon signature board for the special anniversary couple.

The anniversary couple were two very fun and active people who knew how to entertain their guests while looking ever so elegant; Patti looked so lovely in her ivory anniversary evening gown, complimenting her sophisticated husband.

Last night, I became one of the highlights at Patti’s 20th anniversary party held at Jericho’s Country Club in New Hope, Pa. I had so many kids and adults crowding around to watch me draw.

Below are a few photos from the evening, along with showing the crowd, my signature board of the cartooned couple as a pixie fairy and warlord placed on a table beside me and my TreaselTM set-up that my husband, Scott, designed specifically for me. For those that don’t know, my TreaselTM allows me to setup much faster and with much less room, allowing more room for guests. Plus it just looks awesome. 🙂

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