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but I’m not complaining! This was a fantastic event with great sociable, humorous and fun party people!
My client had a movie theme, so few guests arrived dressed up for this event. One sprayed himself gold from head to toe, to be the “Oscar.” Funny!

The little princess girl, Clara, is an artist and practically watched me the whole night, laughing next to me! I wanted to take her home she was that cute!

4 responses to “7 hours of Cartoon Land Fun….”

  1. Marion says:

    You’re getting better and better !

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Marion! I must be doing something right, cuz I’m getting busier and busier! 🙂
    I really can’t keep up!

    Speaking of busy, I will not be attending NCN this year(something VERY important came my way), so I hope to meet you for the next one.

    Good luck attending first CON and I’m sure you will be a winner with your awesome style!

  3. Niall O loughlin says:

    Hi Angie, just discovered your blog, have added a link from mine, great work as ever!

  4. Angie says:

    Hey Niall! Welcome!
    I will add your link, too!

    Nice to see you around and I look forward to visiting your coll drawings on your blog!