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This was my 3rd presentation, but this time at a new school in a different county. The 5th graders were very attentive to my presentation and loved watching me draw, as well as drawing with me along with my planned drawing lessons.

For my Live Digital, Scott had created some very effective videos for my presentation which helped the students understand what caricatures and exaggeration are all about.
Another part of my class demonstrates the traditional drawings on paper.

After my caricature presentation, I was very excited to see that the students were all drawing each other and trying their best to exaggerate.
Thanks for having us, Mike!

live digital caricatures by angie jordan
Live Digital Caricatures with Angie Jordan
Digital Caricatures by Angie Jordan
Angie Live Digital Cartoons
Angie's Traditional Live Party Caricatures full body
Live Party Caricatures by Angie Jordan
Live Party Entertainment with Angie Jordan

I was very impressed with the new electric drawing boards and projector that they have at some of the schools. I took a pen and drew the teacher on this board. You can see a young student trying to draw on the board after I was finished my presentation.

Electronic White Boards

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  1. Anthe says:

    Wow 5th graders. How much fun. I still haven’t gotten a wacom I am holding out til I can afford a new computer that I can draw on like yours. I forget. What model do you have? I really had fun when you let me play with yours…thanks,