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It’s not often I talk about personal things on my blog, though I thought it was time to share some fun news within my last 2 months. I (my friend Tony and Bill) helped put our 30th reunion together on Facebook and the fun took place this past Friday night, a mile or two down the road from our high school.

It was wonderful to see many faces that I haven’t seen in 10, 20, and some 30 years! My prom date, John, finally showed his face after 30 years and he hasn’t changed a bit. So many classmates looked much the same and I knew everyone of them at the event. Could it be that I am good with recognizing faces? 🙂

We are hoping to have a 35th reunion, when in the past we seem to only have the decades accountable (10, 20 and 30). Everyone had seemed to be in favor for this so we will be planning our 35th soon enough! Thanks to all that attended and I really enjoyed catching up with everyone! Enjoy your summer!

I posted a few before and afters….enjoy!

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