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Tonight is our last show and the night we announce the winner of our Junior Idol Schuylkill County winner!

I had the pleasure of being entertained by many talented individuals, Reiley Lonergan, Zavry Jones, Maura Gownley, Brooke Unger, Marissa Arce, Dakota McGeehan, Emily Fanelli and so many more.

This was a tough competition to judge for all the contestants were very good. The only way I can describe this feeling is to compare it to the Olympics. If 6 runners are competing in the Olympics and one wins by a 10th of a second, does that make the other 5 not good enough? Not at all! The winner happened to perform the best on THAT particular day!

Along with judging this tough competition, I drew some caricatures for the few people who attended early, either to watch the show and/or support the contestants for the evening. A portion of these donations go to the Caring Soles to help the people of Haiti.

Here are some fun cartoon-likenesses along with a few photos of the contestants to enjoy.

I will post my fun creation of the digital caricatures of the top 3 idol contestant singers tonight and announce our Junior Idol winner! Stay “tooned!”

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  1. Zach says:

    wow! who’s the handsome devil in the first picture lol jk