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Yesterday I had a long, FUN & fullfilled day with my high school art teacher, Mr E. Every year, Mr E brings my Live Digital Caricature presentation to his class students for me to teach and demonstrate all about my caricatures and today’s digital technology with art.

I usually pick and draw a few students, per class, to demonstrate on exaggeration and cartooning. After I finish the first student, many hands are raised as I look for another victim to sit in my chair for exaggeration.

When Scott attends my presentation, he shows a few of his magic tricks that relate to my subject on caricatures. The students are really amazed and always want more magic from him.

This will be Mr E’s last year before he retires (boo-hoo)and I’m going to miss him. He said he is going to pass my name over to the other art teachers for next year. Thank you again!

If you are a teacher looking to have Angie do her live digital caricature presentation for your school, please contact Angie for availability and rates.

6 responses to “1st School Presentation at my own High School!”

  1. Zax :) says:

    I AM SOOOOOO TRANSFERRING TO THAT SCHOOL!!!!! Great job, and it must be so nice to revisit your highschool!

  2. Angie says:

    It is always fun to hang with your ole high school art teacher, right?

    Your school used up all their AIE program funds. Make sure to tell your teacher to bring me in for a full day for next year. Not everyone gets drawn, though. We usually pick names from a hat or if I draw an exaggeration, I usually ask if anyone is willing to be distorted in front of the class. 🙂

  3. Zax :) says:

    I will have to talk to her! It will have to be a day I have art rotation though! 😉 remember I still can’t take an art class until the 10th grade. . . *cries a little* the rotations last for 30 days and cycle throughout the year. It is randomized so I have no idea when I will get it. 😉 thanks for thinking of me!

  4. jan Neggers says:

    wonderful initiative Angie.
    I am sure the had all a great time !!!!!!!!
    jan 🙂

  5. John Sprague says:

    Angie – very cool! I remember you telling me about this awhile back. Looks like a lot of fun! I personally hated my high school art teacher, so if I were to do one of these things at my old school I’d hope they weren’t still there!

  6. Angie says:

    Thanks Jan and John! Make a pitch to your school with your traditional caricatures. I started my presentation with the traditional. It’s possible your school has the fundings. Good luck!