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This past Tuesday’s event was a fun time at an outdoor high school grad party with much of the ole gang of artists that I draw with at many events in the past, and some new artists that I have never met before.

It almost felt like a clown car at Tuesday’s event. Somehow, all 12 artists were to squeeze under 2 tents and that did not seem to work out with everyone wanting to have shade. Thank God for the wide shaded trees nearby, where a few artists decided to park their easels. I remained under the tent to get to know some of the newer artists, plus I already had all my art equipment set up, ready to go.

Many of the students seemed to have wanted group caricature drawings, as you may notice in my photos, below. I even had the chance to draw a fun cartoon of one of the teachers at this event.

Unfortunately, our time was cut shorter than expected, and the students were off to see and experience an illusionist, though the fun lasted for awhile.

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